Q: What is a house concert?

A: A house concert is an informal event hosting in someone's private home. For the listener, this settings allows them to experience a songwriter/musician's performance in a quiet an intimate setting. For the artist, this allows them to share their talents in a setting where the focus is on the music.

When the concert begins, we try to get everyone seated. We lower the lights, turn off our doorbell, turn off the ringer on our phone, and ask everyone to put cell phones or pagers on vibrate.

Most concerts involve a pot luck supper between sets. During the pot luck supper and after the concert, there is time for the audience to personally visit with the artist.

Most artists tell us that even though the income from a house concert is limited, it is one of their favorite gigs because of the attentiveness of the audience. Many of them will share their inspiration for a song, prior to playing it.

House concert hosts donate the use of their home for the event, along with their time and expenses for promotion, coordinating reservations, cleanup, etc. This is done on a voluntary basis due to the appreciation for the music. One hundred percent of the donations collected by us are given to the artist.

The songwriter/musicians that we usually host are local and regional artists that represent a variety of genre from folk, to Texas music, etc. Links to the artists' websites for upcoming concerts are provided.

Q: How can I make a reservation?

A: Reservations can be made online by clicking on the Online Reservations form on this website. Alternatively, reservations may be made by calling us at (830) 895-0975. Seating is limited, and we occasionally reach our limit, so making reservations is recommended. Last minute reservations via a phone call are no problem.

Q: How do I cancel a reservation?

A: You can used the Online Reservations form on this website or call us at (830) 895-0975. Calling is preferred if you are canceling on the day of the concert.

Please avoid being a "no-show." We have limited seating, and when we reach our limit, we then start turning people away. If someone is holding a reservation does not show, this prevents someone else from being able to attend and it lowers the donation amount for the artist.

Q: How long is the concert?

A: For most concerts, we open our doors at 7:00 p.m. We try to get the pot luck dishes put away, and enjoy a little visiting, so that we can get everyone seated and the lights turned down for the music to begin at 7:30 p.m. Most artists play a 45 - 60 minute set. We then break for the pot luck dinner. After the dinner, the artist plays for a second 45 - 60 minute set. Most concerts conclude between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.

Q: What should I bring for the pot luck?

A: Anything you want. It always works out. Some people bring a casserole main dish. Others bring a salad. Some bring a side dish. Some bring deserts. Some pick up a bucket of fast food chicken. Other prepare a homemade desert. Whatever you want to bring to share will be fine.

Q: Is alcohol allowed? Is smoking allowed?

A: We provide water and tea for the meal. You are welcome to bring beer or wine for yourself or to share. Many guests enjoy a glass of wine while listening to the music.

Our home is a non-smoking home. We do try to accommodate guests that would like to smoke in an area on our outside deck.

Q: Where is 193 Crockett Drive?

A: We are located in the Northwest Hills subdivision in Kerrville, Texas. The subdivision is located off Harper Road (one of two main exits off of Interstate 10 for Kerrville). We are approximately two miles north of the interstate, just a little past James Avery.

  1. Exit I-10 on Harper Rd. This exist is located a few miles west of the Highway 16 exit for Kerrville.
  2. Proceed north on Harper Rd. towards Harper, away from Kerrville.
  3. After approx. two miles, turn right into the Northwest Hills subdivision entrance.
  4. Follow Northwest Hills Dr. up to the top of the hill, then turn left of Crockett Dr.
  5. Follow Crockett Dr. to the end of the street. Keep left at the fork. Our home is the last one on your left.

Q: How does an artist or booking agent interested in booking contact Hilltop House Concerts?

A: If you are an artist or agent interested in booking, please feel free to send us an inquiry, e-press kit, or hard copy press kit. We are always honored and happy to give a listen to what's out there and hopefully consider the possibility of a future house concert. We really wish we could book more frequently, but until we win the lottery or receive an endowment to do nothing but house concerts, "real life" will get in our way.  :-)

Q: Can I donate my home for hosting a house concert?

A: Absolutely! Please give us a call and we'll be happy to share with you what's involved, how to get started, etc.

Q: Do you have a e-mail list in order to stay informed of upcoming future concerts?

A: We have an e-mail list where we send out e-mails of upcoming concerts. You can give us your e-mail in a sign up list at a concert. Alternatively, you can give it to us via the Online Reservations form on this website, even if you are not making a reservation.

We do not share our e-mail list with any business or other entity. We will be happy to remove your e-mail from our list at anytime you request.